Trent was born with a pulmonary condition that required him to be on a ventilator and tube fed. For more than a week, his parents were unable to hold him because of his treatments. He was soon diagnosed with Down syndrome and three holes in his heart that required surgery. But two months after surgery his incision was not healing. When the doctors determined it was because he wasn’t absorbing nutrients, he was started on EleCare.

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Collin’s Story

After a few days of nursing, Collin started showing signs of abdominal pain and gas. He was diagnosed with milk protein allergy and had to be put on formula.

Peighton’s Story

As an infant, Peighton suffered from severe food allergies and relied on EleCare for most of her nutrition.

Lily’s Story

Our quest for answers led us to a pediatric gastroenterologist. After much research, our doctors advised us to try EleCare.